Tuesday Tips: 6 Packing and Traveling Tips for the Airport

Updated: Feb 22

We do not travel much, but when we do, I have a system to keep us organized and stress free. I have plenty of advice to share with you when it comes to prepping for your vacation. I did what I do best and made a list to share with you. I present to your my airport edition tips on packing and traveling!

  1. Be sure you pack these three things in your carry-on: factory sealed snacks, sweets (or gum), and something to read. Also be sure to have lip balm and moisturizer because planes can make your skin super dry.

  2. Wear comfortable shoes when running around the airport. If you need to be in style by the time you land, just put your dress shoes in your carry on and switch once you land.

  3. Be TSA approved! There is nothing worse than getting your toiletries and belongings taken away. Make sure all your products are allowed on the plane. Also make sure all your devices are fully charged and turned off.

  4. Be sure to drink tons of water in your travels. As mentioned above, planes can make your skin super dry. Drinking water will keep your skin hydrated and decrease any puffiness around your eyes the flight may cause (or sleepiness may casue).

  5. Ladies: Dresses are your best friends when packing for a trip! They can be dressed up or dressed down, allowing you more room in your suitcase.

  6. But for the plane, either wear layers or make sure to bring a sweater. You want to be ready for the plane ride, whether it is warm or cool.

Have a safe flight and happy travels!



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