Tuesday Tips: How to save money while on vacation

Updated: Feb 22

You already paid for the trip: the travel to your location, the hotel, the amusement parks, and/or entertainment. While you are away, follow these tips on how to save some extra pennies!

  1. Do not eat at touristy restaurants! Research and find out where the locals eat. This will also be good for us with food allergies; those places will be more helpful with serving our needs.

  2. Skip eating out. This is yet another tip that is good for us food allergy victims. Opt to find a hotel with suites that include a kitchen. This way you save on eating out for every meal and know the food is safe to eat!

  3. Hotels usually have a ton of toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream, razors, etc. If you forget to pack them, ask the front desk at the hotel if they have before rushing out and buying.

  4. For those who are not allergic to everything: take advantage of the complimentary breakfast the hotel offers, and save some as snacks for later. Even if you do have allergies, the complimentary breakfast usually has fruit you can snag. Try emailing before hand to see if they can accommodate.

  5. Research for free activities that are going on in the place you are staying at. A lot of resorts and hotel offer free activities and workshops during the day that may be fun for you and the family.

  6. Do not go crazy in souvenir shops. The thought does count, but most of those presents end up "lost" anyway.

  7. Do things as a group. Whether it is carpooling, going on a tour, or an amusement park, you can probably get better deals and group discounts.

  8. Do not pack more than needed. The extra baggage weight will cost money.

Enjoy your trip!



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