• Joe Centineo

The Sunday Cookbook: Garlic Herb Salmon

Updated: Dec 4, 2019


  • 2x-12oz Salmon filet's, cut in half

  • 4 tbsp butter, melted

  • Olive oil

  • ¼ tsp salt

  • 4 cloves of garlic, minced

  • 2 tbsp fresh parsley, finely chopped

  • 2 limes


  1. Coat a non-stick skillet with a small amount of olive oil and heat over medium heat.

  2. In a bowl combine the melted butter, garlic, parsley, salt, and the juice of 1 lime.

  3. Take the other lime and cut into wedges.

  4. Once pan is pre-heated, add salmon filet's and brush with garlic herb sauce. Cook for 3 minutes and then flip each filet.

  5. Coat other side of the salmon with garlic herb sauce and top with a lime wedge. Cover skillet and let salmon cook for another 3-5 minutes.

  6. Transfer salmon to a plate and top with any remaining garlic herb sauce.

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