Life Lately & Site Changes

Oh man! It has been crazy over the last couple of months here. I really have not had a chance to talk about my Intestinal Candidiasis updates or post new recipes. To be honest, I have hardly had time to even focus on those things. For the past couple of months, I have been working actively to finish my second degree. When I was in film school, I started this website as a school project. Since then, the website had grown into its own, creating a completely different purpose from its initial one. While my website was developing its own voice, I was as well. After graduating film school and spending a year struggling to find a job, just bouncing from freelance jobs to babysitting and being employed at an office that did not pertain to my degree, I knew it was up to me to take matters into my own hands and create a change. That is when I went back to school, this time to get a degree in Media and Communications. During the four years down the road to this second degree, I had landed media-based positions at two different companies, picked up a minor in school, and went through a rough struggle with my health. BEHOLD! I finally reached the finish line and graduated this past June!

Between being in school full time and working full time, I was unable to put any focus on this website. However, with all my new-found free time, things will change! I am currently in a middle of revamping the layout and design. You will start to notice some changes have already begun and pages are missing. The plan is to make recipes easier to navigate and organized to find based on the ingredient that is needed to be left out. I will also be adding new sections based on my experience with my food allergies; one that I think will be extremely helpful, and others have highly recommended I implement into the website, is having a travel section. Every vacation that Joe and I go on, we spend weeks not just planning our activities, but also planning what and where I can eat. I always wished there was a place I could visit online that could help me narrow down this search, but never any luck. I am not someone who travels a lot but I hope the couple of places I have been to and the research I have done already will help someone else.

That is the intent this site has been evolving into. It started out as an e-portfolio and has transitioned into a place where I can share my food restriction journey: struggles, pains, recipes, and tips! Unfortunately, the transition will be slow, but it will be coming soon! So stay tuned!

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