Our Adventure - Engagement

Hello! We are Amanda and Joseph, the newly engaged couple behind this webpage. For more than eight years, we have been in each other's lives. We were raised just a few miles apart, met in our late teenage years, and begin dating by 2014. During our four years as a couple, we both obtained college degrees we desired, job-hopped until we both ended up working for the same company, traveled across the country, cooked an uncountable amount of dishes together, and, most importantly, fell in love.

It has been an incredible experience to have known each other for the past eight years, first meeting during the summer of 2010. Our relationship, our recipes, the rescue of our cat, Duchess, and the places we have visited have been just a few of the highlights we have shared with you all, now looking forward to sharing the next step in our adventure: our engagement, our wedding, and our life together.

We have always loved taking an adventure together....both near and far. One of our favorite adventures happens to be our first vacation together, back in our early dating days. We spent an extended weekend in Orlando, Florida, with my sister, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Nick. During this trip, we were not only experiencing our first vacation as a couple, but I was privileged to also be experiencing Joe's first flight on a plane, his first time in Florida, his first sight of a palm tree, his first stay at a resort, and both our first trip to Universal Studios! This trip quickly became an extra special one, allowing me to realize I wanted to spend every first, and every last, with him.

Thank you for being here, for growing with us, and for following along on our adventure together!


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