Our 'The Walking Dead' LG V10 Fan Viewing Party Featured on The Talking Dead

This is probably the coolest thing I have ever shared on my website! I am not saying my blogs and recipes are not cool, but even they know they cannot reach this height. My family and I were featured on The Talking Dead last night, after The Walking Dead's season 6 mid-season finale.

This family bond has been strongly glued together by our nerd culture love and passion, especially our similar passion for The Walking Dead. We have been throwing Walking Dead themed parties for almost every premire and mid-season/season finale for three years now. The Talking Dead was running a contest to find a fan party to feature on the show. Figuring that we have nothing to loose, we submitted an entry into the contest with this video:

To our amazement, we recievced a phone call the next day informing us we would be featured in the segment! In pure excitment, we went on as usual with planning the best Walking Dead party we have ever thrown, preparing for a film crew to show up to my cousin's house and film us.

It was such an extremely amazing experience, and honor to have our nerdy, everlasting bond aired on national television!



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