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Nightshade Free Recipes

When I was diagnosed with Intestinal Candida, I was also informed about my sensitivity to nightshades. A nightshade allergy is an immune response to the compound in nightshade plants called alkaloids. Types of nightshade plants include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and paprika. Coming from an Irish-Italian heritage household, learning this news was initially an adjustment. These recipes use a lot of beet-and-carrot blends to mimic the taste of tomatoes, or the sweet potato family to replace potatoes. We have used zucchini as a replacement for Joe's family's Lebanese recipes that call for eggplant and are experimenting with a horseradish and wasabi root blend to create spicier recipes without using peppers. If you also need to avoid nightshades, we hope you find these recipes helpful and delicious!
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