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We are Amanda and Joe,


husband and wife foodies with a mutual passion for cooking and baking. The only catch is we cook while avoiding and substituting ingredients for 11+ food allergies and intolerances. 

The blog originally began as a school portfolio project, that later blossomed into my lifestyle journal dedicated to living and cooking with multiple food allergies. Today, the blog has grown into Joe and my shared experiences and our personal adventures, our house journey, and has become the home to our many, many recipes!

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Amanda's Food Allergy Story


I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies at a very young age, thus starting my food allergy journey. I had my fair share of restrictions along the way. During my childhood, I was allergic to dairy, meat, banana, grapes, and shellfish. In my late teens, I developed a corn and coconut allergy. I did get back meat, banana, and grapes, but did lose lettuce, as well as a select variety of nuts and seeds. By my mid-20s, my restriction list grew to be most of the top 8 major food allergies, as well as being diagnosed with Intestinal Candidiasis

Having to navigate this dietary lifestyle, I turned to my website as a form of comfort to express myself and document what I was going through. I have learned a lot along the way and hope my words or recipes can help someone else suffering from similar restrictions. 

When I was first diagnosed with my food allergies in the early 90s, food allergies were not as culturally common as they are today. There wasn't the internet, weren't many cookbooks available, and there wasn't a vast selection of products in stores. I have watched our community grow into what it is today, with the many options and resources now accessible. However, I still occasionally run into roadblocks, especially with some of my niche, lesser common allergies. 
All the struggles I have faced over my lifetime, and the stories I have accumulated, are what I keep in mind as I build and grow our blog. I hope that sharing my experiences and publishing our recipes can help someone else, whether for themselves or for their loved ones. 
Amanda MacGregor and Joseph Centineo Food Allergy Recipes

Our Recipes and Blogs

Almost all of the recipes developed for the page are free from gluten, corn, soy, dairy, shellfish, coconut, and nightshades, as well as chemical additives, food preservatives, and artificial flavors. Some recipes are even tailored to be flexible, including modifications or alternative ingredients for different dietary restrictions.

Along with our recipe options, we also share blogs about our everyday life. These blogs can range from managing food allergies and health-related conditions I face, such as eczema, asthma, Intestinal Candida, anxiety, and depression. We also have blogs about being a homeowner, planning a wedding, going on vacations, and fun stories about our relationship. This variety of blogs is to show you that, despite allergies being a major component in my life, I don't allow my restrictions to hold me back. I want to show that even though my body has limits, doesn't mean everything I want to do is off-limits.

I've lived with this immune disease for the majority of my life, so I feel as if I have an abundance of experience I can share with you. I hope that at least one of our blogs or recipes can help you. I also invite you to contact me if you have any questions about something you read or just want to chat about what you are going through. 

Joe's Food Allergy
Husband Story


Food allergies were not something I had to ever deal with firsthand. I knew people who had food allergies, but they either didn't have serious challenges with them or weren't allergic to major allergens found in everything. I didn't truly understand the extent of living with life-threatening food allergies until I met Amanda.

It was an adjustment at first, not only for myself but for my family too. It was a new lifestyle we had to quickly take on and manage when having Amanda around. I will admit that I fell victim to the mindset of "if you are allergic, just don't eat it". During this learning and adjusting process, I found out it is so much more than just avoiding an ingredient.

I quickly learned some key things like how we just couldn't go out to eat without doing research and calling restaurants beforehand; how I must check the ingredients labels for both new and previously used products (you never know); how I couldn't kiss Amanda if I ate something she was allergic to, and how I couldn't just show up to family gatherings without first communicating with them to make sure it would be safe for Amanda to attend (aka no shellfish surprises).

One of my bigger lessons was learning how to cook differently. Something that bonded Amanda and me together was our love for cooking. Even with my intermediate cooking skills, I had a lot to learn about cooking for food allergies.

Early on in our relationship, we started a tradition of always spending our Sundays together cooking. It would always be a new recipe we would try to make while navigating Amanda's many restrictions. 

When we would share what we made online, we quickly noticed how many people would request the recipe, thus sparking The Sunday Cookbook tab!
The Sunday Cookbook section has become a homage to the family's recipes I have recreated for Amanda to safely enjoy. My fondest memories in the kitchen was watching my grandmothers prepare meals. Now I honor them with a section of recipes dedicated to them. 

Alexa Young, CA

Momma Mac


Behind every food allergy kid, there is a dedicated, supportive, and strong Food Allergy parent! I cannot be more grateful for all the effort my mom put into my food allergy journey. That is why I am very excited for you to get to know her too! Meet my mom through her recipes and blogs that you can find on the Momma Mac's Cooking Corner tab.


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