Hello! I am Amanda, the person behind this website. While my name sits at the top of the page, I share the content and experience of running this website with my husband, Joe.


When I originally created this website, the main purpose was to receive an 'A' on a class project for film school. However, I ended up loving the process so much, the website quickly became a lifestyle journal about living with food allergies, experiences, personal adventures with Joe, and many, many recipes.

I was diagnosed with multiple different food allergies at a young age, starting my extremely challenging journey. It all began with having to avoid dairy, meat, and shellfish, later growing into corn and selected nuts, then escalating into most of the eight major food allergens, plus many more.


Now having to navigate this new difficult dietary lifestyle, I turned to my website as a source of comfort to express myself and document what I was going through. With the many blogs and recipes developed, I was able to transform the website into a one-stop resource for food allergy-living. I have learned a lot along the way and hoped my words or recipes can help someone else suffering with similar reactions. 


Eating is typically a simple task for most people but can become a scary and painful one for people within the food allergy community. When I was first diagnosed in the mid-90s, food allergies were not common and not easy to navigate. Unlike today, there wasn't the internet, weren't many cookbooks available, and weren't as many brands that catered to our food demographic. I keep this in mind as I build and grow the site, I hope that my shared experiences and recipes can help someone else, just as my family helped me when I embarked on this journey of restrictions.


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Most of the recipes developed for the page are free from gluten, corn, soy, nuts, dairy, shellfish, coconut, and nightshades, as well as chemical additives, food preservatives, and artificial flavors. Some recipes are even tailored to be flexible, including modifications for different dietary needs.


Along with safe recipes, we also share non-food allergy recipes, as well as stuff about our lifestyle: home blogs, wedding planning blogs, blogs about our experiences, fun stories about Joe and me, and more! 


Now, I did mention that I ran this page with my husband. While he does do a lot of behind the scenes work on the page, he also does a lot of cooking. One thing that really bonded our relationship was that we both enjoyed cooking and creating new recipes. 


At the beginning of our relationship, we made it a tradition that we would always spend our Sundays together cooking up something new, thus sparked The Sunday Cookbook tab!

There, you will find a collection of appetizers, meal prep lunches, dinner entrees, and sweet desserts. We invite you to grab a loved one, visit the tab, and find a recipe perfect for a meal for two.


For all our Food Allergy Mommas out there, we also invite you to visit the Momma Mac's Cooking Corner tab to find recipes created by my own Momma herself! 

Thank you for being here, for cooking with us, and for following along on our journey!

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Amanda MacGregor
Site Owner and Editor

Joseph Centineo

The Sunday Cookbook

Michele "Momma Mac" MacGregor

Momma Mac's Cooking Corner

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Amanda MacGregor and Joseph Centineo

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