Category: The Greater Knead

The Greater Knead Bagel - tomato basil

Chicken Bagel


Grilled herb chicken with tomato, melted [dairy-free] mozzarella, balsamic dressing on a Tomato Basil Bagel


Pizza Bagels

Using a Tomato Basil Bagel, build your perfect pizza on a bagel! We did red sauce, mozzarella, with basil or grilled chicken and oregano!


Soft Pretzels

Comes in Classic, Cinnamon Sugar, and Everything


Breakfast Bagels

Vital Farms Eggs with avocado on an Everything Bagel

The Greater Knead Bagel - onion gluten-free bagel

Laura's Lentil Chickpea Burger

Homemade lentil chickpea veggie patty on an onion bagel

The Greater Knead Bagel - onion gluten-free bagel

"Cheesy" Eggs 

Vital Farms scrambled eggs with OATzarella Cheese on an onion bagel


Bacon and Egg Bagel

Vital Farms eggs, with Applegate Bacon, Mashed Avocado on a poppy seed bagel


Bagel Sandwich

Applegate Roast Beef, sauteed onions, shredded lettuce, and Primal Kitchen mayo on a poppy seed bagel