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The Sunday Cookbook - Joseph Centineo

The Sunday Cookbook

A collection of allergy-friendly recipes inspired by family traditions and our love for cooking together! Top recipes include:


Something that bonded Amanda and me together was our love for cooking. Even with my intermediate cooking skills, I had a lot to learn about cooking for food allergies.


At the beginning of our relationship, we made it a tradition that we'd always spend our Sundays together, cooking up something new, enhancing my ability to cook food allergy recipes. When we would share our dishes online, we quickly noticed how many people would request the recipe, thus sparked The Sunday Cookbook tab!

​The Sunday Cookbook has become a homage to family recipes we have recreated for Amanda to enjoy safely. My fondest memories in the kitchen were watching my grandmothers prepare meals. Now I honor them with a section of recipes dedicated to them. 

Joseph, Food Allergy Husband







Coming Soon:
The Mac N' Churger

Created by: Joseph Centineo, Timothy Tobias, and Joshua Warner

Will include the original recipe, the dairy-free recipe, and the plant-based recipe.

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