An Open Letter Why Crying At Work is OKAY, But How to Control It!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

There are many things that you should not do at work, but for some reason, crying is one of those things. I am one of those people who will cry wherever I am. If the emotion strike, I am not going to hold it back. I wouldn’t hold back a smile in public if I am happy; why is this any different?

I spend just as much time at my workplace as I do at my home. I may spend even more time at work than I do at home, which is why I find it oddly comforting to be open enough to allow myself to cry at work. However, I can see how it makes the rest of my co-workers uncomfortable.

As embarrassing as it may be, a lot of people find themselves crying in front of their colleagues at some point for work-related or personal situations. Sometimes, tears just cannot be held back. Yet, for these moments, here are some things you can do to gather yourself and get back to work.

  1. Hideout in the bathroom for a little. Luckily, my bathroom at work is a private one-person stall. It allows me to that the moment to myself, trying to get the tears to stop. Take deep breaths and clean yourself up: wash your face with cool water, wipe the mascara runs, smile at yourself in the mirror, laugh. Just know you can do this!

  2. Take a walk or go get a treat. If the bathroom is still too out in the open for you at work, go for a walk. Clear your mind while taking in the fresh air. Do not call or text anyone; leave your phone alone for this time being. Re-hashing the situation will only make you feel worse, so try not to think about it. Just try to feel your body moving and get your mind off of what is making you sad. Maybe during the walk, you can stop into your favorite coffee shop and pick yourself up a latte or pastry. This can cheer you up!

  3. Focus on your work. After you cleared your mind, throw yourself back into your projects, answer emails that have been building up in your inbox, or do the most annoying, most brain-encasing thing you can do to make you feel better, even if it is only temporarily.

  4. If you feel the tears coming back on, take a deep breath. Try taking slow breaths to allow yourself to calm down. Look up at the ceiling while you breathe and focus on that spot for at least 10 seconds.

We all have bad days. Crying does not mean you are weak or cannot handle your assignment. There may just be a lot of stress and emotion attached to it that allowed you to feel this way. Do not look at it as a negative thing. Just remember that you can get through it.




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