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Creating An Eco-Friendly Allergy-Free Home

Updated: Oct 20

Creating Our Eco-Friendly Allergy-Free Home - amanda macgregor - food allergy blog

Nowadays, so many notable eco-friendly companies that make it easy to cut down on waste in your home. During our days at home in 2020, Joe and I challenged ourselves with new projects and initiatives to better our surroundings and ourselves. One of the things we dove into was cutting down our waste and creating a more sustainable home.

During that time, we became more familiar with our true needs, which helped us make more conscious and sustainable choices for our home. Some choices came easily, while for others, we needed to do a lot of research to find products free from any of my triggered allergens. Corn and coconut especially, as both seem to be very popular ingredients to use in eco-friendly products.

Creating Our Eco-Friendly Allergy-Free Home


Here is a small list of some of our favorite items we use at home that are made with the environment in mind.


When we went on a quest for cleaner products, I was happy to come across Blueland. They have become my go-to destination for natural home cleaning products. My eczema-prone hands and I also fell in love with their foaming hand soap. Blueland helps us tackle our goals of using chemical-free products while using less plastic materials with their Forever Bottles. One of my favorite things is that the wrapping for the refill packs can go in our compost.

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Creating Our Eco-Friendly Allergy-Free Home - amanda macgregor - food allergy blog


It’s time we clear the air on our choice of air purifiers. It should come as no surprise that we are a nerdy allergy couple who adore smart home devices. Love was certainly in the air when we got our first Mila. Not only is it a great air purifier, but we are absolutely obsessed with all the data and alerts we get from its app 💗 Seriously, we don't get any affiliate commission from sharing this. We truly just wanna share about a device that has become a staple in our allergy-asthma household that we absolutely love!

Creating Our Eco-Friendly Allergy-Free Home - amanda macgregor - food allergy blog

Sustainable Kitchen Essentials

Another switch we made in our kitchen is reducing our use of paper towels by incorporating reusable paper towels into our cleaning routine.

In terms of plastic, Joe and I were already on top of that practice before it became a law in New York and New Jersey. We have our little collection of reusable shopping bags we have used for many years. We also use refillable water bottles daily and reusable straws. Something we did add to our stand against throw-away plastics and materials by switching to silicone reusable bags, reusable food wraps, and silicone baking sheets.

This is only the start of some changes we made towards an eco-friendly household. It continues on with composting our food scraps, having a water reclaimer in our backyard for our garden, and having electric lawn and garden tools. It has been a journey, but we are enjoying every eco-friendly change we have made so far, and have many more on the horizon.

How are you lessening your carbon footprint? Let us know some of the eco-friendly allergy-free tips you practice at your home. We would love to hear it!

Hugs & Cookies

Amanda and Joe


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