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How to Make the Best Cupcakes Ever

Updated: Feb 19

How to make the best cupcakes ever - amanda macgregor - food allergy blog

Cupcakes are sort of my thing. I am not sure if that was something I crowned for myself or something that was labeled for me. I find any excuse to bake a batch of cupcakes...birthdays, holidays, celebrations of any size, or just because. You name it, I am ready to make a batch of cupcakes.

Let's break down exactly how to make the perfect cupcakes. A cupcake that is light and fluffy, but holds up like a dream with frosting. A cupcake that is perfectly sweet, moist, and tender.

How to Make the Best Cupcakes Ever


Listen, guys, I know homemade treats can be a little intimidating. Here are a few tips I have learned to make the best batch of cupcakes ever!

  1. Always use the best ingredients. I try to keep all my ingredients natural, organic, unprocessed, unbleached, and unsalted. Using fake, flavorless, and cheap ingredients will make a big difference compared to quality ingredients.

  2. Room temperature ingredients. Before you start baking, take out all your ingredients, minus the milk, and bring them to room temperature. I tend to take my butter, eggs, and anything else I am using from the fridge out about 30 minutes before starting.

  3. Uniform baking. You are going to want to make sure all your liners have the same amount of batter to ensure your batch of cupcakes will all bake evenly. The best way to do this is to use a large spoon or cookie scoop and fill the liners about 2/3 of the way.

  4. Always bake at the center of your oven! Also, resist the urge to peek by opening your oven's door while your batch is baking. Every time you open the door of the oven while your cupcakes are in there, you risk having to bake them longer than usual and drying them out.

  5. Remove the cupcakes from the baking pan post oven. Let your cupcakes cool in the pan for no longer than a few minutes before you remove them and place them on a wire rack. It is ideal to do this because the heat from the pan can cook the cupcakes further and dry them out.

  6. Do not frost the cupcakes until they are entirely cooled. If you do it too soon, the heat from the cupcakes will cause the frosting to melt. That's a mess you do not want. Another great tip for the frosting is it will act as a light seal to help your cupcakes retain their moisture. When frosting, try to cover the exposed top with frosting as best you can so your cupcakes stay moist longer. This is also helpful if you plan to keep your cupcakes out on display.

Looking for cupcake recipes? Visit our cupcakes tab!

Happy baking!

Hugs & Cupcakes,



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