Check Up Four and Five, Week 23 with Intestinal Candidiasis

Now that that holidays are over, I am ready to talk about the holidays....

The week before Christmas was my fourth check up with my doctor. It happened to be a pretty good visit; I got oats added back into my diet and everything else was looking good, except my immune system was still weak (which seemed to make sense since two weeks after the visit, I got a 103 fever and was on bed rest for the last week of 2016).

Yet, getting sick was not the most difficult thing I went through in December. In fact, the most happiest time of the year was a dreadful and emotional day for me. If there is one thing this Intestinal Candidiasis has taught me, it is that I have always revolved myself around food. (example: birthday equals breakfast for dinner, Thanksgiving means pumpkin pie soda during the meal, Halloween is Pizza day, Christmas is raviolis etc). Not being able to eat these foods, and having a difficult time finding alternatives for them makes me realize how much I cherished what I am missing out on. I get that it is only food, but for the fat kid trapped within me, it is heartbreaking.

Looking back on it now, I can see it was certainly silly to have been upset on what I was missing out on, but it takes these moments to realize that those piled plates of Pizza Bagels and mom's homemade crab cakes that you use to enjoy on Christmas Eve were dearly missed this year. My parent's hosted Christmas Eve at our house to ensure I was not just watching everyone eat. Yet, from the cooking shellfish aroma in the air, and the little I did eat, I found myself in my room itching and crying. Not even on the holidays did my body want to give me a break from reactions.

I did not enter the New Year healthy but I did enter knowing I am fighting hard to get the things I love to eat the most back! I want to be able to finally sit down and enjoy something covered in cheese with Joe, and have my first drink again with my recently turned 21 year old sister, and have a large latte with my mom. It is just that these things are not coming soon enough and I am growing tried of still waiting.

The fifth check up did not bring me any more great news or any advancements on my timeline. No new food as added back to my diet and I am up to taking three different pills after each meal: a vitamin, a hypoallergenic, and a immune booster pill. I have learned that the animals in my house are also not the best for my system, but at the moment, not much I can do about that.

We shall see what the sixth appointment has in store for me...

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