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My Third Checkup and Week Thirteen Update with Intestinal Candidiasis

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

My Third Checkup and Week Thirteen Update with Intestinal Candidiasis - amanda macgregor - leaky gut

For the most part, things have been going well, from what I was able to tell. My stomach has not felt heavy or bloated, I have very minimal skin reactions, haven't had anymore morning sickness, and I have lost a total of 12 pounds since I was diagnosed.

While I have been on this journey, I try to focus on what is going right, rather than what has been going wrong. These words are exactly why I started off this entry with the good news first.

Now, here comes the bad news…

Today, I had my third doctor's visit. I walked into that appointment very positive and hopeful, only to leave crushed and emotional. I found out my immune system is not doing so well. It is attacking me worse than when this all started. The overabundance of sneezing and blowing of my nose I have been going through lately is not allergies, but signs of my immune system weakening on me.

At the moment, I have a terrible bacteria virus inside me that is attacking just as much as the yeast build-up is. My body is currently welcoming in bad organisms, and, instead of fighting them off, is letting them roam around my body and wreak havoc.

This news resulted in not being able to get a good reading on my vitamin intact and not being able to get anything new back into my diet.

It was definitely a hit in the [leaky] gut for me this morning. I would have thought I would have been used to this type of news by now, but I guess nothing in life will prepare you for the next set of bad news. I have a track record of what I think are small symptoms that later turn out to be a bigger medical issue

"It just rashes" turned into "She is allergic to a lot of food"

It is just headaches from stress" turned into "She actually has a tumor on her skull"

"It's just asthma" was actually "Turns out her spine is growing into her lungs and crushing them”.

I went through life finding out my small mishaps are actually something much bigger. I realize now, after foolishly crying all afternoon, that this is just a minor setback. Just like the rest of my much bigger medical discoveries, and just like this current journey I am on, I will get through it.


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