My Second Check Up and Week Seven Update with Intestinal Candidiasis

I want to first start this blog off by thanking you for yet again clicking the link and reading my story. Whether you have followed along all seven weeks, or just reading about all this for the first time, thank you! Your support has really pushed me to the success I am currently at in this moment while working through my Intestinal Candidiasis.

I have just come home from my second check up and it is an understatement to say that I am really happy with the outcome of this visit. While I continue on with baby steps, lots of good news came out of this trip. For starters, I have cleared up the yeast living in my stomach immensely. Due to that, my body is finally absorbing vitamins and nutrients properly. (Unlike before, when the yeast would kill almost anything good that I would ingest).

This being said, a lot of you have asked me, when I first wrote about having Intestinal Candidiasis, why I could not just take a Probiotic to clear it up. That was why; my body would just basically kill anything helpful I put into my system, kind of defeating the purpose. Well, now that I have cleared most of it up naturally, I am allowed to introduce a Probiotic into my body to help me fight off the yeast build up and hopefully speed up the process. My doctor is also hoping that the probiotic will work in assisting me on losing the sick feelings I face in the mornings.

When I first started the detox, I was sick to my stomach every morning. While the feeling has subsided to only once or twice a week, it is still around. But let's not focus on those bad moments, when I still feel the majority of the good that is happening, such as introducing more food into my diet.

The last check-up, I was told to add rice back into my eating habits. This check up has confirmed that rice is working well with my body and that I can continue eating it. I was also told that I can add mushrooms and vinegar back into my daily diet! Not a huge additional, but I am still pretty excited to have an additional at all! (JOE, BEGIN MAKING A BATCH OF PICKLES!)

It is a lot of steps in a good direction. My concern in my last post was my birthday and how I would be able to accommodate food into my celebration. Luckily, I do not think it will be a problem since I have an amazing mother, boyfriend, and cousins who are a million percent on board with helping me figure it all out. To be honest, I think they are adjusting and accepting to the changes more than I am. Without them being super positive, and without all your kind comments and thoughts, I do not think I would be as happy about this journey and how it is going without anyone of you!

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