My Second Checkup and Week Seven Update with Intestinal Candidiasis

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I have just gotten home from my second checkup. It is an understatement to say that I am really happy with the outcome of this visit.

As I continue with my baby steps, I am excited about the good news that came out of this doctor's appointment. For starters, I have cleared up the yeast living in my stomach immensely. Due to that, my body is finally absorbing vitamins and nutrients properly.

When I first started writing about my diagnosis to Intestinal Candidiasis, I received a lot of responses back asking why I wasn't taking a probiotic to clear it up. The reasoning was due to the overgrowth of yeast living in my stomach. There was so much that when I would ingest something good, the yeast would basically kill it off, defeating the purpose of eating healthy. Now that I have cleared up a lot of the yeast naturally, I am allowed to introduce a probiotic into my system to help me fight off the yeast build up and hopefully speed up the process. My doctor is also hoping the probiotic will assist in helping me finally fight off the morning sickness I keep getting since I started this detox.

During my last checkup, I was told to add rice back into my diet. During this checkup, the doctor confirmed that rice is still a positive food with my body and that I can continue eating it. Along with rice, I was also told I can add mushrooms and vinegar back into my diet. Not a huge addition, but I am still pretty excited to have Joe's Homemade Pickles again!

It is a lot of steps in a good direction. In more good news, my birthday celebration will not be dampened by bad news and more food being taken away. Instead, my mom and Joe and are million percent on board with helping me figure out how to make the most perfect "free-from" breakfast for dinner. We are thinking of making these 3-ingredient pancakes! Have any suggestions?