My First Check Up Since Diagnosed with Intestinal Candidiasis

Last Thursday marked three weeks since I found out I had Intestinal Candidiasis (a yeast build-up in my stomach). Which also marked the three weeks I have been fighting and following everything I should to clear it. Today was my appointment to see what progress has been done.

I have been very open with you all and will continue to do so as I share the follow: I will be completely honest when admitting that last night I had yet another breakdown about the whole situation. Over the weekend, my stomach has been causing some discomfort and making a lot of bubbling and gargling noises. I felt as if no matter what I ate this weekend, my stomach was not happy. I doubtfully convinced myself that nothing is happening and that all this restriction and medicine is not working.

Let's just say this appointment came at a perfect time to lift my spirits!

At the doctor's visit, I learned that my P.H levels are beginning to level which means the acid levels are not as high as before. My doctor said for as toxic as my body was the first time I came in, she did not except the improvement in results to be this high for this second visit!

While my body still shows weakness to most the foods I am use to eating, I can bring back rice into my diet, but only have it once a day and a single potion size. That is great because with rice, I can have white rice, brown rice, rice crackers, rice cakes, rice pasta (etc)...just as long as the other ingredients in these products do not interfere with the other foods I need to stay away from. I just have to be sure to measure and only give myself the serving portion size. While it is not much I am getting back, it does open a door to many more recipes while with Candidia.

My sinuses are still extremely weak, but my doctor figured that much even before I came in with the changing season that is occurring. I was given new medicine, on top of the existing one, to build up the strength of my sinuses better. As for my immune system and digestive system, they are still weak, but strongly fighting; that my body has actually been putting up one hell of a fight these first three weeks. This fight is the result of the gargling and bubbles I keep hearing and feeling. On a plus side, I have lost 5 pounds...8 pounds if we are using my scale at home, which I much rather go by my home scale for obvious reasons.

Additionally, it was a great check up! I was informed that my improvement is wonderful and to keep up how I am going now. They were very shocked to hear I did not stray away from my dietary restrictions at all; I guess that is not something they hear often. What they do not know about me is my determination to get things done!

My next appointment is October 4th. I am going to keep going strong with what I need to do. My birthday is one month from Friday and for those who know me quite well, you will know that I love birthdays and traditions; Such as, every year for my birthday, we eat breakfast for dinner, I make themed cupcakes or a cookie cake, and watch Singin' In The Rain....Better yet, The Walking Dead's new season starts next month and kind of hope I will be able to take part in some of the zombie themed goodies!

We will consider this week 4's blog...until next week...

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