An Open Letter About My Intestinal Candidiasis

When you suffer from an overabundance of food allergies, like I do, you just accept that it is what it is and stay away from the foods you are being told you have an intolerance to. It is pretty simple...well, it was pretty simple to a degree. Then it took a slight turn.

Last week, when I discovered that what I thought was no big deal, turns out to be pretty big deal and is harming my overall health. This following entry is about my new diagnosis to Intestinal Candidiasis (The Yeast Syndrome), and how I will use my blog [yet again] to help me through it.

I feel the need to go back in time and start from the beginning: when I was born. Jumping 25 years is necessary because it is where my food allergy journey begins. I came into this world rejecting this world, entering with an allergy to dairy. That escalated to also being allergic to shellfish, red meat, pork, grapes, and bananas a few years later. When that went away, it turned into my infamous corn allergy, along with coconuts, pears, oranges, lettuce (yes, you read that right!), various types of fish, mustard, as well as shellfish and grapes, and many more I am missing for the sake of your sanity to continue reading the list.

Throughout the years, I have watched my food intolerance grow larger and larger, with no thought process about it, but that it is what it is. Not once did I think there could be anything bigger. I accepted that my body always had a reaction to foods I ate. Even when I did avoid my multiple foods I am allergic to, I was still always sick, always itch, and always dazed out with a foggy head.

Recently, a doctor told me that my body has a high rejection of food and it is because I have Intestinal Candidiasis, also known as The Yeast Syndrome or the Leaky Gut. There is trillions of bacteria living in our digestive tract; the normal microflora. These bacterias play a supportive role in helping to synthesize vitamins, degrade toxins, and produce natural antibiotics. In my case, my stomach has an overabundance of yeast organisms living inside it, growing rapidly, making the harmonious balance between yeast and bacteria upset. Therefore, my stomach being overpopulated by yeast is weakening my sinuses, immune system, and digestive system. Without knowing this, I have been feeding the growing yeast in my stomach all the foods it wants and needs to thrive and take over.

I am writing this letter for multiple reasonings; the same reason I started this website; I want that if other people who have this notice they are not alone. That was something I suffered with greatly with my corn allergy, and it is happening again. As I search for recipes and advice, I come up mostly short. Which is why I am going to start dedicating a portion to my blog to Candida.

With this comes additional restrictions: I have to stay away from dairy, nuts, soy, grains, sugars, vinegar, and stretchy vegetables, as well as avoiding corn. Cooking and eating as changed drastically just over this one week. Luckily, I am creating recipes and ready to soon broadcast them to my website.

While I am at this ridiculously long letter, if you are all still following me by this point, I want to take a moment to spotlight the support I felt this passing week. Besides the discovery being a shock to me, I also felt fear, panic, and acceptance. I was informed that the detox I will face to help cleanse my body and begin the process of breaking down the yeast is also going to upset my body, putting it into shock and causing me to face withdrawal-like symptoms. They were not kidding because all that started right on Day 1; I woke up, began my new diet plan and medication, right away experiencing weakness and headaches. The next day followed with cold sweats, vomiting, and even more weakness. While the days continued, the symptoms began to subside, leavings me with the mood swings I was also warned would follow.

Today, I begin to feel more like myself, and maybe even better than myself, but I can only thank those who got me through the first few days. Their own words, presence, and helping hands, whether psychically being in front of me or just sending their love through a message, help me stay strong, even if they did not realize they helped at all. I thank you for that!

Here's to my journey with Candidiasis, the hope for its elimination from my body, to new recipes, and the struggle of only have one small cup of black coffee a day....oh dear!

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