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Taking My Intestinal Candidiasis Step-By-Step

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Taking My Intestinal Candidiasis Step-By-Step - Amanda MacGregor - leaky gut

I have entered into week 3 of my journey to clear the yeast in my gut! Quite honestly, I do not feel terrible. I have actually been feeling light, almost-itch-free, and digestion seems to have hit a normal level.

However, I do still have my off moments, such as slight headaches and discomforting skin tingles at night, which I read up on as being a normal sensation as the bacteria is breaking down in my stomach. Today, I became a bit nauseous in the late afternoon, but after work, I relaxed before dedicating myself to my school work, and now I am starting to feel better again. It happens; I just have to take everything step-by-step.

It is how I have been getting through each week:

Reminding myself that this is only the first step and hopefully the next step will open more doors of health for me.

I have an appointment on Tuesday to check up on my levels and learn how things are going. Trying to stay hopeful. I know seeing the end of this journey is not yet close and that there will be more to come after this appointment. As strong and strict I am being with myself to not indulge and mess up the current breakdown I have done so far, I cannot help but pint for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. One can wish!

While I continue to hold off on my beloved treats, Joe and I will continue to create more recipes. You will be able to find a lot of candida-friendly recipes on The Sunday Cookbook tab, with more coming soon!

Here's to a new week and hope for more symptom-free days!


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