How Week Five Allowed Me to Realize the Difficulties of Avoiding Getting Sick

I did not think I would have a blog update this week. It is week five, and as far as my health goes, I am feeling fine. I still sneeze when I hug my dog, but they are excepted since technically I am allergic to him, and all my cats. But that is not what this blog is about…

This week, this blog about the lack of medication available for me. When I was just strictly Corn-Free, finding medicine was a struggle. When I would get sick, I would have to cure myself naturally with homemade remedies and treatments. Now, a lot of those homemade syrups I can no longer have with my Intestinal Candidiasis.

This means I have to be very careful in not getting sick and taking all precautions to avoid catching anything, even if that means staying away from my boyfriend while he is under the weather.

What most people do not know about me and Joe’s relationship is that we do not see each other as often as people assume. While we do speak every day, our in-person interactions are usually limited to weekends only. I know this is not an assumption people result to. Normally, I have people just assume that we are together every free moment of the day, which is not the case at all with us. With my work and school schedule, and his schedule, it keeps us apart more than together. Which is why we only see each other during weekends, and which is why this weekend is a little grueling.

It is nice that I do have this extra available time to spend with my mom as we clear out our overfilled DVR while I get ahead of my schoolwork, but I would be lying if I did not say I was saddened by this missed weekend with Joe just because I cannot be around him while he is sick. It is hard knowing that this will be the case until medication becomes open to me, That while I continue on this journey of healing with many closed doors for me, some additional doors need to close as well, even if they are for a moment.

Feel Better Joe.

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