My Week Five Update with Intestinal Candidiasis and the Difficulties to Avoid Getting Sick

It is week five, and as far as my health goes, I am feeling fine. I still sneeze, a lot, but they are excepted. Now being five weeks into my treatment, I have become insanely aware of the lack of medication available for me.

Even during the rise of my food allergies, my mom and I would struggle to find a medicine that I would not react to. When I would get sick, we would have to treat me naturally by making homemade remedies and following organic and natural treatments. At the moment, a lot of those homemade syrups we would make, I can no longer have while tackling my candida.

Now, trying to treat my candida naturally, I am flooded with people asking me why my doctor didn't prescribe me this medicine or give me that medicine. While modern medicine is indeed incredible for most, there are a few of us who cannot take it. This means having to be very careful in not getting sick and taking all precautions to avoid catching anything, even if that means staying away from Joe while he is under the weather.

It is hard having to stay away from a loved one and not being able to take care of them while they are not feeling well. But we are no good to them if we can instantly catch whatever they have. Self-isolation could be dreadful but health is something we should all cherish and nurture greatly.

Feel Better, Joe!


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