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Our Master Bathroom: The Reveal

Updated: Mar 30

Thompson Contracting - Our Master Bathroom: The Reveal - Amanda MacGregor - New Jersey

Well, here it is! Our master bathroom reveal!

It is about one year this week since our master bathroom project wrapped up. One whole year later enjoying our much-needed redesigned shower, bright accents, and bathroom fan with a Bluetooth speaker. Quite honestly, showers have become a fun jam session or podcast binge for both of us.

Now, a year later we are beginning the process of getting the other bathroom in our house redone. All the planning and design details have us reminiscing about our master bathroom project we never had a chance to share until now.

Our two goals for our master bathroom were to modernize it and brighten its look and feel. For us, the layout was perfect and it just needed some tweaking. Some of the pieces were bulky, the tile work was subpar, and the color made the space too dark and uninviting.

With the help of our trusted contractor, Thompson Contracting, we were able to create our dream bathroom without changing the footprint of the space.

Just like the kitchen renovation, we created a mini mood board for the color palette and textures we wanted.

Thompson Contracting - Our Master Bathroom: The Reveal - Amanda MacGregor - New Jersey

Thompson Contracting - Our Master Bathroom: The Reveal - Amanda MacGregor - New Jersey


Thompson Contracting - Our Master Bathroom: The Reveal - Amanda MacGregor - New Jersey

Floor Tile: Our deal with any of our renovations is we both have to agree on the decisions. Despite popular belief about couples and home renovations, Joe is very hands-on and vocal about our design choices, which is why it took us a while to agree upon floor tiles. I wanted something vibrant and colorful, while Joe wanted something more natural and plain. After a lot of back and forth and many hours looking at screens to share different tiles we found, we finally agreed upon these hex flower floor tiles.

Vanity: Once the floor tile was agreed upon, we started looking for our perfect vanity. Since we went with a less vibrant tile, Joe agreed we could get a louder-than-usual vanity. It was love at first sight for me when I found this Midnight Blue allen + roth vanity. Besides the color, we also loved the soft-close drawers for organized storage instead of the traditional cabinet doors.

Faucet: We kept things cohesive with the shower head and continued the brushed nickel here as well. The bonus is this faucet has a pull-down spray wand

Mirror: We decided to change things up and go with an oval mirror. This change felt simple and sleek with a touch of modernity.

Blueland's Hand Soap Starter Kit: Includes a reusable & refillable glass bottle and 3 foaming hand soap tablets in Iris Agave, Perrine Lemon, Lavender Eucalyptus, Evergreen, and Pacific Mist scents or Fragrance-Free. All you need to do is fill the glass bottle with water, drop it in the hand soap tablet, and let it dissolve. To add to the eco-friendliness of this system, the tablet's wrapper can be disposed of in your at-home compost!

Subway Tile: There used to be big textured tan-colored square tiles with a brown mosaic accent border, but the tiles' top layer was always peeling when I would clean the bathroom and the color made the space feel so small and cramped. Wanting to get a much brighter look, we went with the classic floor-to-ceiling subway tile in the shower with a little niche cut-out shelf and bench.

Shower Floor Tile: This matte black hexagon stole our hearts and we love the contrast it creates with the white subway tile.

Shower Door: Our contractor had the shower doors custom-made by a local place in our area here in New Jersey. The frameless glass door allowed the bathroom and shower to feel larger and brighter.

Here are a few more before and afters…

We are so excited about how the space turned out. It’s clean and simple, perfect for washing up. Looking forward to starting the progress all over again in our other bathroom.

Stay tuned!

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