Our Kitchen: Plans, Progress, and The Reveal

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We are so happy to be sharing our kitchen makeover with you guys today! We made some BIG changes that we feel really fit in with the flow of the space and feel a lot more like us.

When we originally toured this house with our real estate agent, as much as we loved everything about this house, the kitchen was not ideal. Even before putting a bid in, I was already making plans to knock down the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room. We knew this project was going to be a big one and have been planning it since day one.

With the wedding also around the corner, our dream kitchen would have to be put on hold for a little bit longer. We did minor things to help brighten up the kitchen, such as painting the dark brown cabinets and adding temporary under cabinet lighting. Being that the kitchen was the original kitchen of the house, it was due for an update.

This was our biggest project yet for the house. We have been doing little projects around the house, but this time around we ripped everything out! We hired a local contracting company here in New Jersey, Thompson Contracting, to help bring our design to life. It was a great pleasure to work with Dave and his guys and we loved every minute of it...which we have been told is rare during any renovation. Dave really helped us think about how we use the kitchen, what type of cabinet inserts and drawers were important, and how to lay everything out for the optimal cooking experience.

Wanting to keep true to the style of our 1950s ranch, we were conscious of keeping that rustic flare, while still making things feel bright and warm to reflect our style we worked so far to make for this home. We kept the original layout of the kitchen, which has been great with getting us readjusted to space, but also added additional cabinet and countertop space.

Here is a mini mood board we created for the kitchen, along with some progress photos!

Before the Renovation:

Day One:

These photos were taken standing in the hallway. Now the kitchen is partially open to the dining room and we were already so excited! We couldn't believe how much got done in one day and were already imagining holidays and dinners in this space.

Day Two:

We debated between colored cabinets and white for a while, but in the end, we went with white. We figured it will always be classic and then we can always mix up the feel with the decor.

The rest of the renovation progress:

I know some people were on the fence about our open bookshelf idea, but we’re are loving it. I really like having all of our cookbooks, signs, and mementos out on display and easy to grab. I don't know if this idea will ever be considered dated, but I think I am going to love it until the end of time. I am having so much fun decorating it and looking forward to changing it up each season.

One of the biggest splurges for the kitchen was the stove and range hood. We decided to go with a Whirlpool stove and it is truly beautiful. If it’s possible to be in love with a stove, we are guilty.

Our original cabinets weren't too tall when it came to storage and, when we moved in, the cabinets and backsplash were dark. Despite our first paint job, the kitchen still felt small and dark to us. Once we removed those outdated cabinets and backsplash, the area felt bigger and less heavy. The sun is now able to pour in the window above the sink and really brighten up the room, which we love!

Speaking of the sink; we’ve never been fans of double sinks, so having all this open space to rinse veggies and wash pots and pans is perfect.

And that’s it! I’m sure we’ll switch up some decor pieces as time goes on and rearrange the shelves a couple more times, but for now, we’re pretty smitten with it! Cleaning up dinner and sweeping in the evening has even been enjoyable. Looking forward to creating new recipes in our kitchen very soon!


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