Honey, we're home!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

After what feels like forever, we bought a house! Just a little over a month ago, we were handed the keys to our very own 1950s Ranch home here in the garden state! We have some really big things planned for our quaint beauty, but it's home, and we are beyond excited to share this experience with not only each other but also with you.

Since we started our house hunt back in September, we saw more houses than we can remember. We didn't know exactly what we wanted but knew each house wasn't just right until we found our ranch home. It's difficult to put into words what we were feeling when we first opened the door to our home on closing day. Our hearts were filled with joy, our eyes were teary, and our minds were rushing as we stood in that living room of our empty house with huge smiles on our faces. In only three short days later, the house smelled like paint, cleaning products, and the walls were lined with boxes. We were overwhelmed with amount to unpack, the work that was ahead of us, and the new routine that awaited, but we never felt so complete until that moment; Joe and I were living together in a place we worked so hard to get.

Everything we are doing here, it is ours. Everything that happens here, we go through it together: create projects together, create memories together, spend holidays here together; these four walls are here for us to fill with the good (and the occasional bad). We can't help but feel incredibly grateful for the journey that led us here. Here's to new beginnings, a crazy new adventure to embark on, and our first HOUSE! (This is still so crazy to say!)

Thank you so much for all your support and encouraging messages throughout this whole process. A big thank you to our family and friends who helped us move in and settle into the new house. Also, a big thank you again to our realtor, Maria Cappillo! We couldn't have done this without you! You knew exactly what our vision was from the start (even if we didn't) and we couldn’t be happier.

My whole life, I was a city girl and then an out-skirts city girl (my glamorous title for my life on Staten Island). For as long as I could remember, most my days were skipping around in three of the five boroughs of New York City. Now, as of one month ago, I became a Jersey girl and homeowner with the man I am proud and very excited to spend the rest of my days on Earth with.

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