Choosing Your Wedding Party

Updated: Apr 13

After Joe and I got engaged and began the wedding planning, we had an important decision to make; we needed to choose who would stand with us when we say “I do”. We are still early on in the planning process, but, for me, choosing the wedding party and asking them was one of the most fun parts so far! We are so lucky to have this small group we love so dearly and wanted to spend this big day with them!

When it came time to choose, we decided we wanted it to be small; being that the wedding itself is going to be intimate, with less than 100 people attending, I knew we really had to narrow our long list of potential maids and groomsmen down. It was a personal preference of ours to limit each side to two people.

Maid of Honor Box: T-Shirt | Cup | Champagne | Bottle Label | Box | Card

Bridesmaid Box: T-Shirt | Cup | Champagne | Bottle Label | Box | Card

Best Men Box: Cup | Champagne | Bottle Label |Lighter| Box |

One lesson I’ve learned about planning a wedding is that the bride and groom should do things however they want. Some rules are meant to be broken, right? We continued to push the traditional boundaries of a wedding and ask two people to officiate the ceremony and three people to bear the rings. For this, we chose two of my closest friends, who also happen to be the same people who introduced Joe and me, to officiate the wedding. Then, we picked Joe's two nephews and my unofficial brother-in-law to be the ring bearers; one person to represent each ring in this journey: the engagement ring and the wedding rings.

Whether you are going the traditional routine or breaking the rules, like we are, the main thing to keep in mind is that this is your choice! This is a very personal decision, and every bride has to do what works for her and her spouse. Remember that this is your wedding day! If you want 15 bridesmaids, go for it. If you only want two, you can do that too. This special day only happens once, and you want to make sure it’s everything you’ve dreamed of!


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