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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

We have been buried in research, to-do list, pins on our Pinterest home boards, and dirt! It's been two months since we moved in and we are slowly figuring things out, giving this sweet old lady of a house the best care and layout we can give her.

When house hunting, we saw several homes and soon come to realize that bigger was not always better. We quickly found out that we'd rather have a functional space than a space that just holds a lot of things. This idea of the space being functional was also applied when we went furniture shopping.

But that step in our process will be saved for another post. 😉 We have some big plans for our home! We currently bought new furniture and we will be sharing the before's and afters of our humble abode very soon. Many of our things are still piled up in boxes around the house, just waiting for us to place them in their permanent spot. We are getting there though, and our long weekends and late nights are definitely helping us put together the final product of each space! We love this home and want to care for it properly while making every inch of the property be a reflection of us, which has required a little tweaking with some of the rooms and design.

We worked on creating a functional and comfortable area for our living room. It's one of the first things you see when you walk into the house, so it was important for us to get it all set up.

Joe has been hard at work, switching out lights to put in new fixtures and LED bulbs, changing out the switch plates to white for a cleaner look, and planning to run network cables and install USB outlets; life living with an IT professional, am I right? We also began a lot of yard work, cleaning up the front yard's garden, tending to uncared-for grass, starting our vegetable garden, and even beginning to work on our backyard landscape.

On top of all the house work, we have also been actively planning our wedding, crossing off some BIG items from the list that we have finalized. We are just getting steps closer to the "I Do" day. Keep an eye out soon for posts on the latest rooms we have tackled and COMPLETED, as well as wedding updates!

Each room's project and completion will be shared here; we'd love to hear your feedback and input on the direction we are going with the process. Both being first-time homeowners, we cherish the advice we receive. We are overwhelmed, excited, terrified, and a little impatient, but we know if we do it right, we’ll have the home we have always wanted.

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