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Dalgona Coffee with Honey and Dairy-Free Milk

We tried out this whipping coffee trend and, to our surprise, really, REALLY enjoyed it! Below is the recipe we used. Please note that the measurements will make ONE cup of coffee.



  1. We started off by boiling water in a teapot.

  2. Once water is boiled, using a bowl and hand mixer or stand mixer, combine the instant coffee, honey, and boiling water. Start with the speed on low for about 20 seconds or until the instant coffee begins to dissolve. Increase the speed to medium-high and beat until whipped. The mixture will foam at first then will gradually become smooth and fluffy. Stop the mixer once you reach stiff peaks.

  3. To serve the Dalgona coffee, pour your milk into a glass, about halfway full. Spoon your whipped coffee on top and swirl around to mix it up.

  4. Grab a straw and enjoy!


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