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Saying YES to your Wedding Dress

Updated: Mar 10

Saying YES to your Wedding Dress - Wedding planning - amanda macgregor

Almost 6 months before our wedding, we have crossed off some big items on our wedding planning checklist: the venue, the wedding party members, and THE DRESS!

Yes, yes; I have said yes to my wedding dress. It was a great experience to have with my mom and sister; I am so happy to have them be apart of this task and to have helped me checked another item off the planning list.

The day I said YES to the dress:

The day Ashley said YES to the dress:

For most, finding their perfect wedding dress is something they have dreamed of since they were little girls. For me, this was not the case. I know my everyday style, but what I wanted in a wedding dress was something I was not prepared for. I walked into the boutique, finding it very easy to feel lost in the racks upon racks of ivory gowns. Then, I felt even more lost in the names of designs and cuts being thrown at me. What is an A-line anyway? Did you know the dresses are referred to as silhouettes?

If you are like me and shopping for your wedding dress is unfamiliar territory, plus you had to consider your eczema during this decision, I have a few tips to share that will make dress shopping a fun and painless experience, just as it should be!


Tips for saying yes to your wedding dress

Saying YES to your Wedding Dress - Wedding planning - amanda macgregor

Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It On!

I was fortunate enough to be going through this wedding planning process with a friend. Her wedding date was before ours, so she was always a couple of steps ahead of me in the planning process. I am grateful for all the helpful advice she gave me, especially her dress-shopping advice:

Try on the dress! Even if it is not the dress you visioned yourself in, it may be the one you end up loving!

When it comes time to try on dresses, you might be surprised by what ends up striking your fancy. I imagined myself in a very lacey and flowy dress - something very Stevie Nicks. very un-traditional, and possibly more colorful - but, just for fun, I decided to try on multiple different styles. I was pleasantly surprised by certain aspects of the dress I chose.

The moral is to stay open-minded during the search for your wedding day dress.

Saying YES to your Wedding Dress - Wedding planning - amanda macgregor

Find the Kindest Cut for Your Figure and the Right Material for Your Skin!

Before you start dress shopping, make sure you have an idea of what works well for your body type. For instance, a dress that looks great on a curvier girl might not work if your figure is slimmer and/or straight. I had a Pinterest board of what I liked, but after trying some dresses on, I realized they didn't compliment my body as I hoped.

When you find the perfect silhouette for your body type, you'll be happy to see how it fits! The right silhouette can help fake curves or slim down problem areas. Of course, if you have a good salesperson assisting you, they can help find the proper silhouette for you. I was lucky with mine; she picked out the dress I ended up choosing!

Saying YES to your Wedding Dress - Wedding planning - amanda macgregor

Bring a Trusted Advisor!

It is tempting to show up to your dress appointment with your "bride squad", "besties", or the mothers and grandmothers of the families. Before you drag your gang to the store, consider who will help you with the process and who may make it difficult. Your best friend may have very different tastes than you or maybe a relative you are thinking of inviting is very traditional and won't understand a more modern dress. I recommend limiting your entourage to about three people who will keep the experience stress-free, won't be judgemental, and have your style and best look in interest.

Saying YES to your Wedding Dress - Wedding planning - amanda macgregor

Wear what will make YOU comfortable!

The bottom line is that you should feel comfortable and beautiful in your wedding dress! You will be wearing this dress for the majority of the day, so ensure that you pick a dress that you are ready to walk, stand, dance, sit, and eat in.

My dress originally didn't have sleeves. It was something I requested to be added. Besides the wedding happening in March and there was a chance it would be cold, I was also nervous if I had an eczema flare-up before the wedding. I knew I would be uncomfortable if my arms were filled with rashes, so adding sleeves helped me stressless for that just-in-case scenario.

Additionally, I suggest making sure your shoes are also comfortable. I am not a high heels person, and I am terrible at walking in them, so I opted to wear a pair of Keds from their wedding line. You don't have to opt for sneakers as I did, but at least make sure you have a backup shoe for when your feet begin to grow tired of the heels.

Putting the advice to the test!

When it came time for Ashley to start looking for her wedding dress, she used these key four tips I lined out during her search. She only brought along Mom and me, and, unlike me, she went shopping with a dress style in mind. However, she realized it wasn't the right cut for her once she tried it on. From there, she started looking at the other dresses with an open mind until she found the style she liked and the dress she LOVED.

Saying YES to your Wedding Dress - Wedding planning - amanda macgregor - ashley

If you are also like us and suffer from clothes-shopping anxiety, just keep in mind that, unlike generic store-bought sizes, the dress you decide on will be customized to fit you perfectly. Don't get flustered with the picking out and trying on, but focus on what you like and what is comfortable. Also remember, that when you get the dress back, it will be sized perfectly for you!

I hope these tips help! Best of luck, brides!

Hugs & Cookies



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Jan 27, 2021

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