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Vegan Caesar Dressing Recipe

Updated: Mar 30

A vegan Caesar salad dressing recipe, that is also free from mustard, canola, and corn ingredients. Just 9 ingredients and super simple to put together in a pinch!

Vegan Caesar Dressing Recipe - Amanda MacGregor Joseph Centineo - food allergy recipes

All the vegan Caesar dressing recipes online or the store-bought brands contain at least one ingredient I cannot have. The most popular ingredients in dairy-free or vegan Caesar dressings I found were mustard, canola, a coconut or corn ingredient, and anchovies.

Okay, so anchovies themselves I may not be allergic to; I am not entirely sure so I just stay away to be safe. If capers are a make or break for you, by all means, add your anchovies in!


Our Vegan Caesar Dressing Recipe




  1. Using a hand mixer or blender, combine all the ingredients and blend on high until creamy.

  2. Now you are ready to drizzle it on your salad! For leftovers, store the remaining dressing in an airtight container or jar in the fridge.

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