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How to work from home and still be completely productive

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

When you have a job that entails a lot of computer work, it may also come with the benefit of allowing you to work from home. While working from home can be a HUGE convenience for most, one should still stick to a routine to keep themselves productive while working from home!

**Edit: this blog was created pre-COVID-19 pandemic. If you found yourself now working from home permanently as we did, we hope these tips help create a "normal" routine for your virtual day. Also, remember that your mental and personal life matter and not to overwork yourself to an unhealthy point.

Get up and get ready as if you are still heading to the office.

Working in your pajamas is certainly the ideal move, but it will make you want to be lazy: Instead, get up, take a shower, do your hair, put on clothes, etc! Do whatever it takes for you to feel like you are ready to take on your daily work task.

When the weather is not cold here in New Jersey, Joe and I like to wake up early and go for a walk around the neighborhood. For days the weather is frigid or rainy, instead, we just get up, get ready, and make breakfast. Then we do something for ourselves before work starts, like read, tend to the plants, or do a word puzzle.

Granted, not all days are like this and there are times we sleep in, but we much prefer the mornings we are active. It really sets a positive tone for the day.

Work from a distraction-free zone.

If you do not have an office space in your home or apartment, work in a room that will not tempt you to slack off. We purposely designed the home office in our house to not have any screens other than our computer screens. If you don't have a dedicated room you can use, pick a space you feel most comfortable and inspired in.

Avoid watching TV and distractions.

It will be very tempting to want to catch up with your DVR or binge-watch a show. If you have important things you need to get done, do them with no distractions. This will leave less room for mistakes! Besides, once you finish your day's assignments, you are already home. There is no commute, no traffic; just a couple of steps to your living room! 😉

It is okay to take breaks.

Don't feel guilty! We get breaks when we are in an office, so why not take a break when you are working from home? Our brains need that time to recharge and our eyes need that rest. Go ahead, walk away for 15 minutes and take a break!

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