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Life Lately: Summer of Concerts, Home Renovations, Celebrations, and More

Updated: Mar 16

Life Lately - amanda macgregor joseph centineo - food allergy blog

We realized we don't do enough of these life updates. We thought we'd start taking some extra time to fill you guys in, so much so, that we even gave the Life Lately blogs their own tab!

The summer moved so fast. I feel like it was just a week ago we attended Taylor Swift's Eras Tour show at Metlife Stadium, kicking off the beginning of the summer season. Instead, that was four months ago and we just marked the end of the season with Labor Day weekend.

We kept ourselves very busy this summer. So let's get into it!


Life Lately:

Summer 2023



Our focus, when not on food, is always on our home. We never rest when it comes to looking for ways to improve the space to fit all our wants and needs. One of those improvements we realized we needed was a refresh in our living room.

Being in our home for four years, two and half of those years being lockdown and working from home, our living room got a lot of use with all that time streaming shows, having virtual game nights, and, when finally allowed, hosting small gatherings. One thing we noticed was that we needed a bigger couch, especially one that we could better clean after accidental spills.

After much research and a lot of convincing Joe that this was the right decision, we ended up getting a Lovesac Sactional couch. Maybe we will do a full write-up if that is something you guys would be interested in. We learned a lot after visiting the showroom four times just to sit on couches. However, all those trips were worth it as we love the couch and love even more how we can change up the layout depending on what is going on.

Life Lately - amanda macgregor joseph centineo - food allergy blog

Another update we did in our home was our hallway bathroom. This project was much bigger than our little living room refresh, but was an update we most definitely needed. You can read more about the bathroom renovation here.



I have been attending at least one concert a year since I was in second grade. That streak got broken when the pandemic hit though. The last show I saw was Celine Dion back in February 2020. Our next scheduled concert to attend was Matchbox 20 in July 2020, but that got canceled (for an understandable reason) and then rescheduled THREE TIMES!

We finally got to see Matchbox 20 this July, but that wasn't our first concert since 2020. To our astonishing surprise, we landed Eras Tour tickets and got to see Taylor Swift's show in May! Honestly, it was the perfect show to break back into the streak.



Besides home updates and shows, this summer was the summer of celebrating! Especially in July!

To kick it off, my cousin was getting married in July and my sister and I were in charge of making sure we blasted her and her fiance off into marriage right.

We organized their Bach Blast with a night filled with food, drinks, and video games. Knowing these two, it was the perfect combination. The icing on the cake to make this evening even more perfectly planned was the restaurant being accommodating with my food allergies.

Life Lately - amanda macgregor joseph centineo - food allergy blog
A safe meal thanks to my Equal Eats card!


And look how beautiful the wedding was!

Life Lately - amanda macgregor joseph centineo - food allergy blog


To close out the celebrations for the month, Joe and I hosted our annual themed summer BBQ. This year's theme was Christmas in July. Despite the over 90°F weather and quick rain storm, it was a merry good time!

Life Lately - amanda macgregor joseph centineo - food allergy blog
We even got Santa to stop by



Something we started on Instagram and the blog this summer, which I was very excited about, was "Hot Cookie Summer". I have had a laundry list of cookies I have been wanting to make and this little project of mine allowed me to get through a lot of that list (while also adding even more ideas to it).

Let us know what you thought about Hot Cookie Summer:

Did you like it? Should we do it again next summer?

  • Loved it! Do it again!

  • It was fun, but I am one and done

  • Wasn't into it

Hope you all enjoyed this little update. Stay tuned for more Life Lately blogs!

Hugs & Cookies

Amanda and Joe


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