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Our Year In Review: 2020 Recap

Updated: Mar 18

While everyone is very quick to put this year behind them and forget it forever, Joe and I are not. 2020 was not perfect, but it was a very memorable one filled with events and experiences we plan to cherish forever.

So, without further adieu...

Here is our 2020 year in review!

First and foremost, WE GOT MARRIED!

Amanda and Joseph's 2020 Wedding - first dance - Amanda MacGregor - Joseph Centineo

It was just the start of the pandemic scare in our state. Luckily, we were able to get our wedding in just hours shy of a total state shutdown. Being that Joe and I planned for a small wedding all along, our party met all the current restrictions during that time.

Just this one bullet point alone is a big reason we will forever want to remember 2020.

Directly after the wedding, we returned home and have been working from home ever since. It felt like we got the “go to jail” monopoly card, but instead, it was “GO TO YOUR HOME. DO NOT PASS ‘GO’ ON YOUR HONEYMOON. DO NOT COLLECT YOUR BAGS”.

Home office set up - Amanda MacGregor - working from home

As much as canceling our honeymoon trip was a complete bummer, we have been entirely grateful that was the only plan combated this year and feel incredibly lucky for our current at-home working situation.

Thanks to all this extra time at home, we were able to fast-track a lot of our projects for the house. We are enjoying updating the space and watching our visions for the ranch come to life! We are looking forward to sharing some of these projects with you all, but, for now, here is a preview of what we accomplished this year.

Along with all the extra time at home, it has also allowed us to cook every day of every week. I used to have a terrible relationship with food. Any time I would sit down to eat, I would fear what I would possibly be facing very soon after; a skin reaction, gut pain, nausea, or sickness. I love that I no longer have that feeling of fear and that I just enjoy the food in front of us, and I think it shows now in our recipes too!

2020 also came with a vast amount of milestones and events worth celebrating.

Amanda and Joseph - five years - Amanda MacGregor - Joseph Centineo

In July, Joe and I celebrated our 10th friend anniversary, better known as the day we first met. As cliche as it sounds, if you told me back then that the man I was meeting I would marry and then spend several months being stuck at home with 10 years later, I would have, well, I would have been wildly confused by this statement. But it is a statement that I have been honored and appreciative of.

Joe and I have learned this year to make the best out of everything, and we applied this frame of mind when planning to host our second Thanksgiving at our home. We enjoyed being innovative and creative with our setup, ensuring everything was safe and still festive for our small gathering. Our outdoor set-up was the perfect twist to the traditional ways and one we would do over and over again if able to.

Amanda MacGregor - sister's engagement dinner - Joseph Centineo - Ashley MacGregor - Nick Nasca
Amanda MacGregor - sister's engagement dinner - Joseph Centineo - Ashley MacGregor - Nick Nasca

We also had the honor of celebrating not one but TWO engagements this year! Starting their wonderful milestones this year, my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law announced their engagement, as well as two of our friends.

These are the joyful memories we plan to hold onto from this year as we look forward to many more celebrations and happy moments in the upcoming year. Not every year is going to be perfect, but how you learn from it, how you grow in it, and how you choose to look at it are what will define your year. And for that, our 2020 was special in a unique way, a way we may never be given again, but will remember forever.

Hugs & Cookies,

Amanda and Joe


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