Recipe Round-Up for the Perfect Food Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It used to be very heartbreaking when I would dread the day just because of my food allergies. We should never let our food allergies hold us back! There is always a way to make the holiday dinner safe and delicious, no matter what you are allergic to.

We have created so many recipes over the years, a lot that we now make every Thanksgiving, and we are excited to share our Thanksgiving menu with you. The following dishes are free from gluten, corn, dairy, soy, coconut, and nightshades, as well as many of them being nut-free.

Before we dig in, we wanted to share some brand we use to complete our "Free From" Thanksgiving meal:

The Thanksgiving Menu


Ashley's Apple Picking Pancakes: Nothing like a sweet but healthy dish to start your day! This balanced breakfast will set the tone for the Thanksgiving meal ahead. Try the original recipe or opt-in for the gluten-free and natural sugars recipe.

Pumpkin Banana Chip Muffins: Need something quicker for breakfast? Try our muffin recipe. They can even double as a dessert! They are healthier than they look too.

Pumpkin and Apple Harvest Muffins: This is another quick breakfast you can prep ahead of time. Our harvest muffins will give you the morning jolt you need to start a day of cooking.

Main Course

Chicken and Brussels Sprouts with an Apple Cider Sauce: One recipe, two options! You can either just make the chicken portion of this recipe or opt in to also make the Brussel Sprout side dish too! The apple cider sauce adds such a delicious and warm touch you are going to want on your Thanksgiving plate!

Side Dishes

Top 8 Free Stuffing: Stuffing is my favorite side dish for Thanksgiving. I would look forward to dinner just for a huge helping of it. When my allergies started to develop badly, I thought stuffing was far fetch to have again. Using Happy Campers Gluten-Free bread, my momma and I worked hard to create a stuffing that we are absolutely obsessed with! Happy Campers bread creates such a delicious crunch on the outer surface when baked with a fluffy and airy center.

Shingled Rosemary Sweet Potatoes: This turned out to be one of our most popular side dishes on the page! This elegant dish is very easy to put together and even easier to eat!

Mashed Yuca: If you must avoid nightshades, mashed potatoes are unfortunately a big NO for Thanksgiving. Try mashed yuca instead. The cassava root creates a potato like texture that taste just like the real thing!

Apple Cider Brussel Sprouts: A savory side with a sweet twist. The apple cider creates a delicious roast on the Brussels that will have your family coming back for seconds!

Sweet Potato Bites: A twist on a classic dish! Candied yams were always a staple at our Thanksgiving table when I was growing up. When I finally learned how to cook, this was one of the first recipes I wanted to revamp. You can now get your sweet potato fix on a flakey crust.


Pecan Pie: Not for my nut-free folks but definitely for anyone looking for a sweet and savory pie this Thanksgiving! Serve a slice HOT, with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle on top, with a side of whipped topping.

Apple Pie: If pecan pie is not for you, maybe this good ol' fashion apple pie will work for your family's menu! The recipe includes gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free options!

Paleo Apple Pie: Created with date sugar, maple sugar, maple syrup, and a gluten-free crust, this recipe taste just like the good ol' fashion recipe! You will be surprised by what natural sugars could do. It pairs greatly with a scoop of Cado Ice Cream, a dairy-free avocado-based ice cream.

Pumpkin Pie: Another delicious dessert that is created from allergy-friendly and clean ingredients. This pumpkin treat may be free from nutmeg but taste just as delicious with the replacement spices.

Mini Pumpkin Pie: Using the same pumpkin pie mix as above, we created mini pies using Pampered Chef's mini pie pan. We think this pan will come in handy this year while creating our safe Thanksgiving.

Holiday Spice Cake: A tender cake laced with warming spices of cinnamon, clove, and ginger, coated in fluffy cream cheese buttercream and caramel sauce drip. Our Holiday Spice Cake with Cranberry Filling is a delicious and beautiful cake to serve this holiday!


Pumpkin bread: Whether you make for breakfast or just have out to pick on, you can never go wrong with having a fresh pumpkin loaf available. Our recipe is free from gluten and nutmeg!

Have a happy and food-safe Thanksgiving!


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